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October 6, 2010

Sorry guys, I was moving during last weekends American Cup 1 Competition and couldn’t go near my computer for days. =(

Rather than be redundant, (and quite honestly, I still have a ways to go on the moving front to get organized) I’ll just direct you to the relevant thread on the Boots and Blades forum for all the information.

AND… Congrats to all the skaters who made the World Cup team!

U.S. Short Track Speed Skating American Cup Results
The Associated Press,
Published: 08:05 p.m., Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meet Olympic Speed Skater Katherine Reutter

May 8, 2010


Getty Images

When: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 8
Where: Market Place Mall, Champaign, Illinois
How much: Free; photos on sale for $5 as a fundraiser
Appropriate for: Most ages
It’s not every day your kids can meet a true Olympic champion. Meet Champaign native and silver medalist Katherine Reutter as she signs autographs.

Q & A with future Olympian Lana Gehring

January 29, 2010

WooHoo! Finally! Some media on Lana Gehring. (For a minute there, I thought news on Lana was going to be as elusive as Garbo…) =D

Heard in the Hallways
Sports news and views from high schools and communities around the Chicago area.

By George M. Wilcoxon January 27, 2010 12:51 PM


Glenview native Lana Gehring left the area to pursue her Olympic dream.

The short-track speedskater left Glenbrook South to train full-time at the Olympic training center in Kearns, Utah, which is outside Salt Lake City.

Speedskating has taken Gehring around the world and in 2009 she qualified for the U.S. Team at the Olympic trials at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. The 19-year-old Gehring leaves for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver Feb. 2. She is the third member of the Northbrook Speedskating Club to qualify for the upcoming Olympics, joining long-track skaters Brian Hansen of Glenview and Mitch Whitmore of Waukesha, Wis.

Gehring (pictured above, leading) answered questions via e-mail from staff writer George M. Wilcox:

Q. You’ve qualified for the women’s relay, which starts Feb. 13. Does that mean you will be unable to march in the opening ceremonies Feb. 12?
A: I will be going to the opening ceremonies. It is a once in a lifetime experience that I would not want to miss out on. There is always the option to leave early for people that complete the next day so I will probably do that if anything.

Q: Will you then be able to participate in the closing ceremonies Feb. 28?
A: Yes, I will be able to attend the closing ceremonies as well. We leave the next day so it will be very nice just to relax and appreciate the spirit of the Games.

Q:With Brian Hansen (pictured with Gehring) going in long-track, what are the chances that two athletes with the same age from the same town of Glenview will appear in the same Winter Olympic Games in speed skating?
A: This coincidence is highly unlikely considering how young we both are. In addition, Brian’s sport favors an older age group. We are both very excited with our accomplishments.

Q: You moved from Glenview at age 16 to train full-time in Salt Lake City. Was that hard and how did you adjust being on your own?
A: When I got the opportunity to train with the National Team it was a difficult choice to make. I would have to give up many important things including a great education from Glenbrook South,and my family and friends in order to fulfill my dream of being an Olympian. I have always been very independent so when I made my decision I was determined to make it work. It was a hard sacrifice but it was all worth it when I made the team in September. I have no regrets moving out to Salt Lake, I am very happy with my training and all my improvements over the last couple of years being out here….

To read the rest of the interview and see more photos of Lana, click the photo above to be taken directly to the Pioneer Local website.

Jordan Malone – His Story…

January 28, 2010

I just saw this posted on Facebook by US Speedskating. It is just SO AWESOME, I had to repost it here. I hope Jordan doesn’t mind a little help in the PR department. (Google Alerts are a beautiful thing!)

Check out this wonderful video on YouTube on Jordan’s journey to the 2010 Winter Olympic Short Track Speedskating Team. (But hey Jordan, you need to add a few more chapters now to your video story! …but I’m sure you have MUCH more important things to do right now…like SKATE!) 😀

Full of photo images, competition videos, and a treasure trove of Jordan’s favorite sayings…and GREAT music too. What more could you ask for?

Olympics: Reutter a hit on Colbert, and ice

January 28, 2010

Olympics » U.S. short track speedskater is a threat to win to two medals in Vancouver.

By Martin Renzhofer
The Salt Lake Tribune

Enthusiasm bubbles out of Katherine Reutter. Combine that with the mental toughness and nonstop work ethic that pleases coaches and there’s little wonder why Reutter is one of the United States’ most promising short track speedskaters.

Yet, as much as Reutter has made a name for herself inside the sport, it was an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” that has brought the Champaign, Ill., native into a spotlight that could only be brightened by a medal in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games.

On the show in December to talk speedskating, to the delight of the studio audience and surprise to a momentarily stunned show host, Reutter had Colbert sign her leg with a Sharpie.

“I hadn’t planned it at all,” she said. “I brought his book to sign. My agent said, ‘You should have him sign you.’ ”

The signature lasted three days. Massage oil finally dissolved the autograph.

The resulting fame has not faded. It’s nearly become as fun as the piece of dark chocolate that Reutter allows herself each day as a reward for hard work…

To read the rest of the article and view some photos of Katherine, go here:
The Salt Lake Tribune

To read this, and view MANY other articles and photos on Katherine, go here:

Boots & Blades Forum- Katherine Reutter

Olympians To Watch

January 28, 2010

These skiers, skaters and snowboarders have the talent and personalities to spin gold into endorsement riches.

Forbes Magazine – Tom Van Riper, 01.27.10, 06:00 AM EST

For competitors at the Vancouver Olympics hoping to convert gold medals into green, there’s no getting around one reality: The Winter Games aren’t nearly as popular as the Summer Games.

Top endorsers have more often come from the ranks of champion decathletes, gymnasts, sprinters and swimmers than skiers and lugers. And professional hockey players, not the most broadly marketed athletes to begin with, don’t get much bounce from the in-season break they take to go and play for their native countries for a few weeks.

“It’s really a small number of sports that fans rally around because of the way they’re promoted” by the broadcasters, says Courtney Leddy, a vice president with Ketchum Sports Network, which works with Olympic sponsors.

In Pictures: Olympians To Watch

…..Another thing the public takes to, regardless of the time of year: speed. That’s good news for downhill skiers and speed skaters, for whom success translates to product pitching more readily than in other winter sports. Apolo Anton Ohno, the veteran short track speed skater who’s got a Dancing With The Stars victory in his trophy case alongside two Olympic gold medals, is near the top of every sports marketing expert’s list. Blending good looks and charisma with talent usually does that. With a good performance in Vancouver, Ohno could have his choice of pitching anything from men’s briefs to Big Macs, Dorfman figures.


OK, being the incorrigible smart ass that I am, I have to say, that if the choice is between Apolo hawking Big Macs or Men’s Briefs, I feel pretty safe that I speak for every woman out there – We’ll Take The Briefs!!! *place grinning devil emotie here*.
(Besides, those Big Macs will just go straight to our thighs…and hips… and butt…and stomach…)

To read the rest of the article, go here:

Winter Olympic speedskater Ryan Bedford returning home to Midland for a skating exhibition and autograph session

January 25, 2010

Steve C. Wilson/The Associated Press

Midland’s Ryan Bedford is gearing up for his participation in next month’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia

Midland Olympic speedskater Ryan Bedford plans to return home on Thursday, January 28, for a evening of festivities at the Midland Speedskating Club, providing Bedford with a sendoff before he heads to Vancouver, British Columbia next month to compete in the Winter Olympics…

Click the photo to go directly to the site to read the rest of the post and find out more.

Also, lots of news and photos on Ryan’s Thread (as well as many other skaters) on the Boots and Blades forum:

Eat Picks

Short Track News by TRF


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