Meet APTE: Athletes for a Positive Training Environment

September 18, 2012


The skaters have been hinting that they had something in the works so that fans could show their support. Well, here it is. APTE: Athletes for a Positive Training Environment.

I haven’t had a chance to look through the entire site yet, but you can leave comments, encouragement AND – this is a biggiethere is information on how you can make donations directly to the skaters!

The Speedskating Program has always been severely underfunded. Even more distressing is that the majority of the money you send to most non profit entities rarely trickles down to the people you thought you were trying to help in the first place. Administrative costs more often than not eat up the bulk of donations. Now you can cut out the middleman entirely and know for certain that your donation to APTE will be going directly to the skaters.

Lack of funding and funding misrepresentation are issues that are part of the skaters complaints against USS. If you haven’t read the list of the skaters grievances, you can go here:

On page 10 is one of the allegations that relates to this issue.


To be honest, when I read the following blog post on USS’s site, I thought it was infinitely worse, to the point that I almost whipped off a blog post of my own under the category of ‘How could you!!! Have you no shame?!!!’.

It was by far and away one of the most flagrant and egregious misrepresentations to pander for donations I have ever seen. The insinuation that your donation would somehow be helping the skaters with some of these basic expenses would be laughable if it wasn’t so criminal. How many times have skaters been told they had to pay their own way to an international competition after being selected for a World Cup team? That, next to coaching, is the one thing USS should be paying for above all else. If they can’t even manage that, then it’s rather obvious that they won’t be helping the skaters with much of anything else on the aforementioned laundry list of expenses.

Tugging on heart strings, appealing to your sense of patriotism and your sincere desire to help, that’s how non profits operate. If you still want to make donations to them, so be it.
But before you do, first make a donation directly to a skater you truly want and intend to help in the first place.


More on Allison Baver and the Extreme Makeover build

August 4, 2010

EMHE Game Helps Heart Association
Dwayne Parker | Reporter

HAMBURG, Pa. — The American Heart Association received some star-studded support Monday afternoon.

The organization is working with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to spread education and remember a life cut short.

From Hollywood to Hamburg, it wasn’t your average flag football game.

Christie Brinkley and Leigh Anne Tuohy, who inspired the story, “The Blindside,” were the coaches.

The football game was part of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The most recent winner, Trisha Urban of Tilden Township, lost her husband to a congenital heart defect.

Community members gave more than $2,600 to the American Heart Association, an important cause for Leigh Anne Tuohy, who lost her father to a heart attack.

“I thought it would be a wonderful idea to bring it all in and do something that Trisha was passionate about as well,” said Tuohy. “Since Andy (Trisha’s husband) passed away from a heart attack, it just seemed to be the right thing to do.

“And it’s so important that we let people know the risk factors and continue to educate them, do work within the community and the health care community as well,” said Laura Weis of the American Heart Association.

Refereeing the game was three-time Olympian Allison Baver and Olympic silver medalist Kristy Kowal, both of Berks County. And they said through every play, they were thinking about the Urban family.

“I know that when I broke my leg right before the Olympic games,” said Baver, “I didn’t have a team to get me through that time. I would have never been able to make that happen. So we are all here for her, supporting them.”

“So being able to come back and help out is one of the coolest things about being an Olympian,” said Kowal.

“I’m so happy that this story is going to have a new chapter, a happy ending,” said Brinkley.

To see videos and read more, go here:

and here:

Short Track News by TRF


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