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October 1, 2011

OK, wrong sport…but you get the idea. The U.S. short track season gets under way tomorrow at the Hardees Iceplex in St Louis…(and I have to work – bummer)

But YOU can watch Tony Chung’s live stream. (Don’t forget to toss a few bucks his way to say Thanks! Otherwise, you’d be sitting at home with no way of knowing WHAT was going on unless you had some inside connections at the rink)

Here’s the link to the live feed:

…and don’t forget the tweets…

Check out here to see who is entered:

To the fans in St Louis, have fun!
To the skaters, SKATE GREAT!


US Short Track Speedskating Championships 2010

December 20, 2010

Sunday’s Results

Congratulations to both Jeff Simon and Katherine Reutter on winning the National Title. You Rock!

Congrats to Sarah Chen and Jonathan Garcia for making the National Team for the first time. (my understanding is that the 5th spot is discretionary on the part of the coaches)

Congrats to the other skaters that made the National Team:
Simon Cho, Travis Jayner, Anthony Lobello, Lana Gehring, Jessica Smith and Emily Scott.

Quick recoveries to Aly Dudek and Landon Hatfield. (Landon, that was mighty scary. Glad you’re OK)



Katherine Reutter
Lana Gehring
Jessica Smith
Emily Scott
Sarah Chen

Alyson Dudek
Allison Baver
Morgan Izykowski
Kimberly Derrick
Cherise Wilkins
Katherine Ralston
Brittany Salmon
Tamara Frederick
Rachel Skrocki
Kendal Pumphrey
Erin Bartlett


Jeff Simon
Simon Cho
Travis Jayner
Anthony Lobello
Jonathan Garcia

Kyle Carr
Kyle Uyehara
Ryan Bedford
John Henry Krueger
Robert Lawrence
Levi Kirkpatrick
Chris Creveling
Cole Krueger
Adam Callister
James Rodowsky
Micheal Burdekin


1 220 Katherine Reutter 1:33.350
2 204 Lana Gehring 1:33.464
3 216 Jessica Smith 1:33.542
4 218 Emily Scott 1:33.746


1 300 Jeff Simon 1:26.688
2 297 Simon Cho 1:26.998
3 248 Jonathan Garcia 1:28.924
PEN 241 Travis Jayner

The men’s 3000m was a wild ride, and if I could find results anywhere for either the ladies or men, I’d post ’em. Kyle Carr, Simon Cho, Travis Jayner and Ryan Bedford all took a tumble, leaving the door open for Anthony Lobello and two other skaters (Jonathan Garcia and Kyle Uyehara perhaps?)

This apparently isn’t for points, but it would be nice to give the skaters who did this grueling long distance race their due.

Just sayin’…

For more results, go here to the USS site:

Anyway…Congrats to all the skaters wherever they placed. Watching you skate is always a thrill. Safe travels to all, and to all, a Happy Holiday Season with your family and friends.

American Cup Photos

March 12, 2010

I’ve been working on this post for several days now. (I’m currently at my brothers house working in ‘Interior Designer’ mode…and I gotta get back at it today…)

These fine photos are all by Jerry Search, and what would we do without him? I’ll tell ya what! I’d have no photos to post!

These are from Jerry Search’s facebook page for the just completed American Cup final and 2010 National Championships. To see the complete photo album of Jerry’s photos, please go to this link. Am Cup final isn’t up yet, but it will be here when it’s loaded. (Hey, no pressure Jerry! LOL):

Photo by Jerry Search

Landon Hatfield and Matt Rittenhouse. The Rocker Funds current Skater of the Month, Landon Hatfield, was second overall for intermediate men at the 2010 National Championships.
To make a donation to Landon to help him continue skating, go to his page on The Rocker Fund:

Photo by Jerry Search

Mary Grace was third for the American Cup Final, and finished 1st overall for the season. Congratulations Mary, another job well done!


Photo by Jerry Search

Jessica Smith, Emily Scott, Erin Bartlett, (wild shot in the dark with the other two. Best Guess- Vicky Labourdette and Morgan Izykowski)
Jessica Smith in front came in first for the American Cup Final and 10th overall for the Am Cup Season. (due to her skating World Cup 3 and 4)
Emily Scott came in second for the American cup final and ended the season 2nd overall as well.
Erin Bartlett 11th for Am Cup final and overall and 9th for the season (top 10 Erin! Way to go)
Vicky was 3rd overall for the season and Morgan 6th.


Photo by Jerry Search

Cherise Wilkins was 4th overall for the season and came in 5th for the Am Cup Final.

Photo by Jerry Search

Kyle Carr, Alexander Hopp and Zach Fuller
Kyle Carr came in first for the Am Cup final, and with that, a spot on the World Championship Team in Sophia, Bulgaria- replacing Apolo Anton Ohno.

Alexander finished 21st, 16th overall for the season.

Jeff Simon, Zach Fuller and Michael Burdekin

In front, Jeff ‘if it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all’ Simon.
Jeff and Eddy Alvarez were going head to head for the top spot at this competition. Unfortunately, a bad pass left Simon on a stretcher and Eddy out of the competition with a yellow card.

Jeff finished the AmCup final in 3rd despite the trip to the hospital and finished Am Cup season 10th overall. Unfortunately, while he skated his heart out for WC 3 (he came down with the vicious H1N1 for WC4) which helped to secure USA spots for other team members at the Olympics, this appears to have worked against Jeff for his own AmCup standings.

Jeff has more than paid his dues this year. One of our very best skaters and yet this year has thrown nothing but lemons at him. So to Jeff, to quote Sting, this is “The Starting of a Brand New Day”. I say, next season is going to be different.

To the other skaters: Step AWAY from the Jeff. No more hurting the Jeff. No more bad passes on the Jeff. No more pushing the Jeff…

Photo by Jerry Search

Anthony Lobello, Levi Kirkpatrick, Cole Krueger, Jonathan Garcia, JP Kepka, Kyle Carr.

Anthony Lobello is another skater who skated his heart out for the World Cups to his own detriment and ended up injured for the last Am Cup. Anthony finished 9th for the Am Cup final and 14th overall



Photo by Jerry Search

Zach Fuller in front. Zach finished 18th at Am Cup Finals, and 21st for the season.

Photo by Jerry Search

Another S. Cal skater, Rocker Fund Alumni and personal favorite, Kyle Uyehara placed 6th overall for the AmCup season. (and I just noticed the link to his thread on TRF to the BB forum isn’t working…we’ll update that asap…) Congratulations Kyle on moving up in placement from last year!


Photo by Jerry Search

Jonathan Garcia ended the american Cup season first overall, and with that, I believe he earns himself an invitiation to train with the National team. Congratulation Jonathan.

Right behind him in this photo is Dan Fiorenza. Dan ended the season 13th overall. Good job gentlemen!

Photo by Jerry Search

My main man Anthony Barthell. (I have to admit, I’ve liked this guy since I first met him when he checked us in at the Hilton Garden where he works. Go Anthony!) Since I can’t see the face… according to USS, this is James Rodowsky. James came in 12th overall for the season.

Anthony finished the American Cup season 19th overall, (pity the roof collapsed for AmCup 3, I know he was really looking forward to his family and friends being there to see him compete)

Photo by Jerry Search

Morgan Izykowski and Alaina Fiorenza. Morgan ended the American Cup season 6th overall, Alaina 15th overall. Good job and continue to climb that ladder to the top ladies!

Photo by Jerry Search

Liz Looby. Liz was second for the Intermediate Ladies for the 2010 National Championships. Good job, Liz!

Photo by Jerry Search

Gabee Roozie. Gabee was 5th for the Intermediate ladies for National Championships. Good effort Liz!


Photo by Jerry Search

Julian Wood after being out recovering from a horrible injury last season, came back this season to not only make the Junior World Team, but finished first in his category for Intermediate Men.
Congrats Julian on fighting your way back onto the ice.


I haven’t seen any photos of TRF skater Barry Winslow yet, but he finished 7th overall fr the season, 6th for Am Cup final. Up three spots from last year Barry! Way to go!

I also didn’t see any photos of Kelsey Schiel, who finished the Am Cup season 14th overall.


Photo by Jerry Search

I normally don’t go out of my way to post photos of the skaters falling, but from a photographic standpoint, this is one very cool shot. (Pictured, James Rodowsky. Sorry, James…)

Am Cup season totals, Ladies:

Am Cup season total, Men:

American Cup Final

March 9, 2010

Congrats to Kyle Carr who placed first and will be replacing Apolo Ohno for the World Championships and Jessica Smith for placing first for the Ladies. Kudos to all the skaters for a good season. (Rocker Fund Skaters in Bold)

AmCup Ladies
1 Smith, Jessica
2 Scott, Emily
3 Grace, Mary
4 Labourdette, Vicky
5 Wilkins, Cherise
6 Izykowski, Morgan
7 Jeong, Eun Ji
8 Todd, Kirsten
9 Frederick, Tamara
10 Skrocki, Rachel
11 Bartlett, Erin
12 Schiel, Kelsey
13 Milan, Sonia
14 Welsh, Katie
15 Pumphrey, Kendal
16 Fiorenza, Alaina
17 Ralston, Katherine
18 Dehnke, Andrea

AmCup Men
1 Carr, Kyle
2 Garcia, Jonathan
3 Simon, Jeffrey
4 Kepka, JP
5 Kirkpatrick, Levi
6 Winslow, Barry
7 Uyehara, Kyle
8 Krueger, Cole
9 Lobello Jr., Anthony
10 Creveling, Chris
11 Krueger, John-Henry
12 Haun, Kyle
13 Barthell, Anthony
14 Frank, Nick
15 Burdekin, Michael
16 Fiorenza, Daniel
17 Rodowsky, James
18 Fuller, Zachary
19 Geminder, Kevin
20 Mularkey, Casey
21 Hopp, Alexander

Julian Wood and Landon Hatfield came in first and second respectively for the Intermediate men. Shaner Lebauer came in fourth for the Juvenile men. Liz Looby came in second for the Intermediate Ladies, Gabby Roozee 5th.

For complete standings for Nationals:


Short Track News by TRF


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