US Short Track Speedskating Championships 2010

December 20, 2010

Sunday’s Results

Congratulations to both Jeff Simon and Katherine Reutter on winning the National Title. You Rock!

Congrats to Sarah Chen and Jonathan Garcia for making the National Team for the first time. (my understanding is that the 5th spot is discretionary on the part of the coaches)

Congrats to the other skaters that made the National Team:
Simon Cho, Travis Jayner, Anthony Lobello, Lana Gehring, Jessica Smith and Emily Scott.

Quick recoveries to Aly Dudek and Landon Hatfield. (Landon, that was mighty scary. Glad you’re OK)



Katherine Reutter
Lana Gehring
Jessica Smith
Emily Scott
Sarah Chen

Alyson Dudek
Allison Baver
Morgan Izykowski
Kimberly Derrick
Cherise Wilkins
Katherine Ralston
Brittany Salmon
Tamara Frederick
Rachel Skrocki
Kendal Pumphrey
Erin Bartlett


Jeff Simon
Simon Cho
Travis Jayner
Anthony Lobello
Jonathan Garcia

Kyle Carr
Kyle Uyehara
Ryan Bedford
John Henry Krueger
Robert Lawrence
Levi Kirkpatrick
Chris Creveling
Cole Krueger
Adam Callister
James Rodowsky
Micheal Burdekin


1 220 Katherine Reutter 1:33.350
2 204 Lana Gehring 1:33.464
3 216 Jessica Smith 1:33.542
4 218 Emily Scott 1:33.746


1 300 Jeff Simon 1:26.688
2 297 Simon Cho 1:26.998
3 248 Jonathan Garcia 1:28.924
PEN 241 Travis Jayner

The men’s 3000m was a wild ride, and if I could find results anywhere for either the ladies or men, I’d post ’em. Kyle Carr, Simon Cho, Travis Jayner and Ryan Bedford all took a tumble, leaving the door open for Anthony Lobello and two other skaters (Jonathan Garcia and Kyle Uyehara perhaps?)

This apparently isn’t for points, but it would be nice to give the skaters who did this grueling long distance race their due.

Just sayin’…

For more results, go here to the USS site:

Anyway…Congrats to all the skaters wherever they placed. Watching you skate is always a thrill. Safe travels to all, and to all, a Happy Holiday Season with your family and friends.


Intro and 2010 Junior National Short Track Speedskating Championships

January 14, 2010

Hello World. Consider this the maiden voyage of the Ice and Times of Short Track speedskating.

In an effort to keep up with the news in a more timely fashion, and find a way to do that without taking absurd amounts of time to do it, I’ve been working on moving the News section of TRF to a blog format.

As FANTASTIC as all the photos look against the cobalt blue of the website, it takes eons to do an update due to all the html coding and editing of photos to fit. The sheer volume of photos bogs the site down and takes a page forever to load. (I’m sure you noticed!)
While the new format won’t look as ‘purdy’, hopefully it also means it won’t be as Noelle put it “Yesterday’s News Tomorrow”.

But I’m still playing catch up, so we’ll have a little bit more of that to do until we’re up to date.

So without further ado, what I haven’t finished posting yet….



Coach, Sarah Chen, Petra Acker, Morgan Izykowski, Mary Grace, Robert Lawrence, Julian Wood, Cole Krueger and (Well, I’ve seen John Henry Krueger, John Henry Johnson, John Henry Hirth Krueger – OK kid, what’s your real name?) ;-), and another coach. (And feel free to comment on who the coaches are…) (Photo by Jerry Search)

Mary Grace, Gold Medal Winner (Photo by Jerry Search)

Morgan Izykowski, Silver Medal (Photo by Jerry Search)

Petra Acker, Bronze Medal (Photo by Jerry Search)

Sarah Chen, 4th Place (Photo by Jerry Search)

Robert Lawrence, Gold Medal Winner (Photo by Jerry Search)

Julian Wood- Silver Medal Winner (Photo by Jerry Search)

After such a horrible injury last season, it is really great to see this young man back on the ice! Good for you, Julian!

Cole Krueger, Bronze Medal (Photo by Jerry Search)

John Henry-Krueger? Johnson? 4th place (Photo by Jerry Search)

The Ladies (Photo by Jerry Search)

Morgan Izykowski, Mary Grace and Petra Acker

Julian Wood, Robert Lawrence, Cole Krueger

(Photo by Jerry Search)


…And now a little bit of info on how skaters who participate in the Rocker Fund did…(other than Morgan, and soon, Julian, who will be a Skater of the Month for April)

Dan Fiorenza (Photo by Jerry Search)

Dan came in 5th – Oh, So Close! But that has got to be a personal best. Good Job, Dan!

Jonathan Sermeno (Photo by Jerry Search)

I know him as Jonathan, but rumor has it, he goes by Jonny, (someone calls him Jonathan, the word is on the street it’s a parent who is annoyed…LOL) But whatever name he goes by, he came in 12th overall.

Landon Hatfield (Photo by Jerry Search)

Landon came in 7h. He will be TRF’s newest Skater of the Month for March.

Well, that was MUCH faster than updating a webpage, although the blog software is still pretty hinky…(everything’s got a learning curve…) =/

…Next up, photos from World Junior Championships!

To see more photos of the event by Jerry Search, go to the following link:

Short Track News by TRF


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