American Cup 1 2011. The results are in…

October 3, 2011

The first competition of the season for the U.S. Skaters is in the books, and the U.S. Team for the upcoming World Cups has been chosen.

For full results and points, you can go to Tony Chung’s spreadsheet:

The following results are from US Speedskatings site. The top 4 skaters were automatic team members, with two additional discretionary picks by the coaches. Here’s how it shakes out:

World Cup #1 – Salt Lake City, USA (October 21-23)


Lana Gehring (Glenview, IL)

Alyson Dudek (Hales Corners, WI)

Katherine Reutter (Champaign, IL)

Jessica Smith (Melvindale, MI)

Emily Scott (Springfield, MO)

Sarah Chen (San Marino, CA)



J.R. Celski (Federal Way, WA)

Kyle Carr (Peachtree City, GA)

Jordan Malone (Denton, TX)

Jonathan Garcia (Houston, TX)

John-Henry Krueger (Pittsburgh, PA)

Kyle Uyehara (Lakewood, CA)


World Cup #3 – Nagoya, JPN, (December 2-4)

World Cup #4 Shanghai, CHN, (December 9-11)



Lana Gehring (Glenview, IL)

Alyson Dudek (Hales Corners, WI)

Katherine Reutter (Champaign, IL)

Jessica Smith (Melvindale, MI)

Emily Scott (Springfield, MO)

Tamara Fredericks (Park Ridge, IL)



J.R. Celski (Federal Way, WA)

Kyle Carr (Peachtree City, GA)

Jordan Malone (Denton, TX)

Jonathan Garcia (Houston, TX)

Simon Cho (Laurel, MD)

Travis Jayner (Midland, MI)


* Team USA will not be competing in World Cup #2 (October 28-30) in Saguenay, CAN
It’s wonderful to see Travis Jayner is on the second leg of the World Cups. He had to scratch today due to a fall that was accompanied by a concussion. We love Tony’s live feeds, but we HATE seeing the skaters injured. We’re so glad you’re OK Travis!

Congratulations to all the skaters!

And Thank You Tony Chung for the live feed. We’d be lost without you. To donate to Tony for bringing us all ACTUAL MOVING PICTURES, go to the following link:

On a side note: This season started out with quite a few skaters greatly missed. Jeff Simon, Simon Cho, Morgan Izykowski, and Anthony Lobello. Simon Cho has been on the mend and the coaches must think enough of him to give him a spot on the World Cup 3 and 4 Team despite not being able to compete. Anthony is finishing his school obligations. Good for you Anthony. Get the parchment and then concentrate on getting some GOLD.

I’m a bit sad Kimberly Derrick didn’t make the team, but it does give some other gals some experience. As a fan, we have a warm spot in our hearts for certain skaters and Kimberly is one of them. We’re heartbroken for them when they don’t fare well, even though we know there are only so many spots, and everyone can’t make a team. Kimberly’s concentrating on school too the last I heard and I’m sure a lot of her energy is going into that. Hang in there Berly.

Fellow Olympic Team Member Allison Baver was also MIA. She announced on her FB page that she’s decided to train for another Olympics, but seeing as she wasn’t at this competition, perhaps she has decided to continue giving long track a go.

The best of luck to all of you.
To check out the rest of the news, see the links to the right for US Speedskating, the Boots and Blades Forum, Bella Faccie photography and Tony Chung- Short Track HD.


US Championships Update…and Other Stuff…

December 21, 2010

More Kudos today for Morgan Izykowski and Kyle Uyehara as the coaches pick for the last spot on the National Team. Congratulations to both of you!

OK, here’s the info on the 3000m I couldn’t find yesterday. (Thank You Tony Chung…more on him later)


Katherine Reutter
Lana Gehring
Jessica Smith
Emily Scott
Allison Baver
Morgan Izykowski
Sarah Chen
Alyson Dudek (PEN)


Kendal Pumphrey
Tamara Frederick
Brittany Salmon
Rachel Skrocki
Cherise Wilkins
Erin Bartlett
Kimberly Derrick (PEN)
Katherine Ralston (PEN)


Jonathan Garcia
Anthony Lobello
Kyle Uyehara
Jeff Simon
Travis Jayner
Kyle Carr
Simon Cho
Ryan Bedford (PEN)


John Henry Krueger
Cole Krueger
Adam Callister
Levi Kirkpatrick
Michael Burdekin
James Rodowsky
Robert Lawrence
Chris Creveling (DNS)

(Chris C, if you DNS due to injury and I missed it, please accept my apology in not wishing you a speedy recovery with the other skaters! Heal fast and heal well! And to any skaters I may have missed on that account… you do the same!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

But on to other news….

Tony Chung has been great on keeping us unfortunate souls who can’t make it to the competitions updated with tweets and WOW! …can you imagine???…VIDEO! Actual live moving pictures!

But that costs money.
Lest Tony think we don’t appreciate, love and adore him, please go to his site and donate whatever you can to keep these little pieces of heaven available to us.

Thank you Tony!

And here’s the link (FYI- note that Internet ‘Exploder’…er, I mean Explorer, is testy with this page, so I recommend you choose a different browser when accessing it):

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ALSO: Anthony Lobello made another National Team, and his friends set up a donation page for him.

Here’s the link so you can help Anthony keep doing that thing he does:
…and Anthony, you might want to get this link set up permanently on your Facebook page…(or gasp!)…consider attaching a fanpage there too! It’s super easy – and free! (Hey, just sayin’…)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
AND…you can go to the Boots and Blades Forum for more info on this weekends races and information on all the skaters.
(…for which the link isn’t working for me at the moment…must be a proboards thing…)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

…AND…just one more thing.

Jordan Malone, wherever you are – We Miss You!!!

US Short Track Speedskating Championships 2010

December 20, 2010

Sunday’s Results

Congratulations to both Jeff Simon and Katherine Reutter on winning the National Title. You Rock!

Congrats to Sarah Chen and Jonathan Garcia for making the National Team for the first time. (my understanding is that the 5th spot is discretionary on the part of the coaches)

Congrats to the other skaters that made the National Team:
Simon Cho, Travis Jayner, Anthony Lobello, Lana Gehring, Jessica Smith and Emily Scott.

Quick recoveries to Aly Dudek and Landon Hatfield. (Landon, that was mighty scary. Glad you’re OK)



Katherine Reutter
Lana Gehring
Jessica Smith
Emily Scott
Sarah Chen

Alyson Dudek
Allison Baver
Morgan Izykowski
Kimberly Derrick
Cherise Wilkins
Katherine Ralston
Brittany Salmon
Tamara Frederick
Rachel Skrocki
Kendal Pumphrey
Erin Bartlett


Jeff Simon
Simon Cho
Travis Jayner
Anthony Lobello
Jonathan Garcia

Kyle Carr
Kyle Uyehara
Ryan Bedford
John Henry Krueger
Robert Lawrence
Levi Kirkpatrick
Chris Creveling
Cole Krueger
Adam Callister
James Rodowsky
Micheal Burdekin


1 220 Katherine Reutter 1:33.350
2 204 Lana Gehring 1:33.464
3 216 Jessica Smith 1:33.542
4 218 Emily Scott 1:33.746


1 300 Jeff Simon 1:26.688
2 297 Simon Cho 1:26.998
3 248 Jonathan Garcia 1:28.924
PEN 241 Travis Jayner

The men’s 3000m was a wild ride, and if I could find results anywhere for either the ladies or men, I’d post ’em. Kyle Carr, Simon Cho, Travis Jayner and Ryan Bedford all took a tumble, leaving the door open for Anthony Lobello and two other skaters (Jonathan Garcia and Kyle Uyehara perhaps?)

This apparently isn’t for points, but it would be nice to give the skaters who did this grueling long distance race their due.

Just sayin’…

For more results, go here to the USS site:

Anyway…Congrats to all the skaters wherever they placed. Watching you skate is always a thrill. Safe travels to all, and to all, a Happy Holiday Season with your family and friends.

U.S. Short Track Speedskating Championships 2010

December 19, 2010

For helmet numbers so you can figure out who you’re watching in each race, go to USS link here:

These are the standings as of Saturday night.


1 220 Katherine Reutter 2:24.601
2 204 Lana Gehring 2:25.607
3 218 Emily Scott 2:25.683
4 216 Jessica Smith 2:25.701
5 223 Alyson Dudek 2:25.859
6 257 Allison Baver 2:26.525


1 300 Jeff Simon 2:26.685
2 297 Simon Cho 2:26.793
3 241 Travis Jayner 2:27.391
4 291 Anthony Lobello 2:27.413
5 237 Kyle Carr 2:35.859
6 292 Kyle Uyehara 2:51.289

To see how all the skaters fared during each round, go here on US Speedskating’s site:


1 216 Jessica Smith 44.311
2 196 Sarah Chen 44.825
3 220 Katherine Reutter 54.749
DNF 223 Alyson Dudek

Congrats to Jessica Smith, Wow! to Sarah Chen, Oops for Katherine Reutter and Ouch for Alyson Dudek.

Aly suffered a horrible fall and it looked like she had a very ‘Close Encounter of the Sharp Kind’ with Katherine’s blade, which sent her a tumbling down too. Rumor has it Aly dislocated her shoulder….which is why she didn’t finish.
Hope all is well, Aly.


1 297 Simon Cho 41.731
2 300 Jeff Simon 41.809
3 237 Kyle Carr 41.879
4 242 Ryan Bedford 41.993

Congrats to all.

To see how all the skaters did in the 500m rounds, go here to US Speedskating’s site:

For more info, go to U.S. Speedskatings results page:


Racing starts again on Sunday at 10am Mountain Time

Scroll down to Friday’s post for all the links to Tony Chung’s live feed and follow along on the spreadsheet. (And he takes donations )

Better Late Than Never…

October 6, 2010

Sorry guys, I was moving during last weekends American Cup 1 Competition and couldn’t go near my computer for days. =(

Rather than be redundant, (and quite honestly, I still have a ways to go on the moving front to get organized) I’ll just direct you to the relevant thread on the Boots and Blades forum for all the information.

AND… Congrats to all the skaters who made the World Cup team!

U.S. Short Track Speed Skating American Cup Results
The Associated Press,
Published: 08:05 p.m., Sunday, October 3, 2010

…More News….

May 8, 2010

OK, I confess right here and now, I’ve been completely, totally and utterly slackin’ on keeping up with this site lately (hey, what can I say? My real life does need some attention from time to time… and I’m happy to say, I’m nearly organized, clutter free and caught up on all my ‘fix it’ projects! …finally!)

… but enough about me….

As a result, it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with all the various social media, photos, google alerts, websites and general ST gossip that pops up on the web. (I can barely keep up with just a days worth of Twitter and Facebook posts! LOL) But I did stumble onto this tumblr site with lots of great photos of the skaters. Here’s a nice one of Kimberly Derrick, Alyson Dudek and Lana Gehring.

To see more, go here:


…more news….

And the winner – under the category of: “Life’s a B*tch, Sucks To Be You…”

Tony Chung posted this article on Facebook about the end result of investigations of the Korean ST Team:

2 Olympic medalists banned from skating for 3 years

By Kim hyun-cheol
Staff reporter

Two Olympic medal-winning short track skaters involved in a race-rigging scandal are in danger of having their careers ended after the local sport-governing body imposed a three-year ban on each of them.

The Korea Skating Union (KSU) suspended Lee Jung-su and Kwak Yoon-gy from all competitions until April 2013, Yonhap News Agency reported Wednesday citing a source familiar with the case.

Their punishment, reportedly notified to the athletes the previous day, is heavier than recommended by a special joint committee convened last month.

The committee, comprised of members of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korean Olympic Committee and the KSU, suggested the two national team members be banned for a year.

Jeon Jae-mok, Kwak’s coach, was permanently prohibited from the sport for manipulating races, as the committee originally recommended.

The skaters can appeal the decision within seven days. Upon receiving this, the KSU will launch an additional investigation of the case and decide if its earlier decision should be amended within 30 days.

Lee, 20, and Kwak, 21, allegedly fixed the results of a series of recent competitions including their national team tryout races in March. Lee, however, is strongly denying the charge, saying he is a victim “of deep-rooted and wrongful practices on the local sport scene.”

In spite of the severity of the punishment, it remains to be seen if the skaters will appeal.

“This is just too harsh. It’s like the KSU is forcing them to call it quits as competitive skaters. It’s not fair to place that entire burden on young athletes when officials and coaches are actually much more responsible for what happened,” an official familiar with Lee was quoted as saying.

“But it’s not sure whether it will be better for them to opt for an appeal, which could drag the case on for years in the worst scenario.”

Lee was a double gold medalist in the men’s 1,000 meters and 1,500 meters at the Vancouver Winter Games, and Kwak won a silver medal in the men’s 5,000-meter relay.


I do feel for these young men, they are amazing skaters. No doubt they were caught in the middle of a skating entity that is more political and catty than a room full of Junior League Divas. Given the ‘shelf life’ of short track skaters, and especially Korean ones, this is one harsh punishment.

If you haven’t been keeping up on this Korean Soap Opera, you can catch up on the Boots & Blades Forum:

World Championships

March 22, 2010


Yahoo Sports

Meng Wang of China, leads the race during the ladies 1000 metres final at the ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championship in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, Sunday, March, 21, 2010. (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Petar Petrov)


Place Start Pos. Name ISU Member Results Qual.
1 1 WANG Meng CHN 43.619
2 3 ROBERGE Kalyna CAN 43.679
3 2 ST-GELAIS Marianne CAN 43.747
4 4 GREGG Jessica CAN 44.066
5 PARK Seung-Hi

6 REUTTER Katherine
10 DUDEK Alyson
29 DERRICK Kimberly

Complete results for ladies 500m:

1 LIANG Wenhao CHN
2 HAMELIN Francois CAN
3 TREMBLAY Francois-Louis CAN
5 LEE Ho-Suk KOR
6 SILOVS Haralds LAT
13 MALONE Jordan USA
18 JAYNER Travis USA

Complete results for the Men’s 500m:

US Men advanced into the Relay Finals


Meng Wang, Katherine Reutter & The last start of Evgenia Radanova in the Winter Sports Hall

Click this photo to see larger.

1 1 WANG Meng CHN 1:31.603
2 2 CHO Ha-Ri KOR 1:31.695
3 3 REUTTER Katherine USA 1:31.747
4 4 CHRISTIE Elise GBR 1:32.993

24 DERRICK Kimberly USA
28 DUDEK Alyson USA

Complete Results for Ladies:


J.R. Celski - Click the photo to see it larger

Place Start Pos. Name ISU Member Results Qual.
1 2 LEE Ho-Suk KOR 1:34.198
2 1 KWAK Yoon-Gy KOR 1:34.231
3 4 CELSKI J.R. USA 1:34.290
4 3 LIANG Wenhao CHN 1:34.349

Canadians –
13 HAMELIN Francois CAN
14 TREMBLAY Francois-Louis CAN


Jordan Malone - Click the photo to view it larger

23 MALONE Jordan USA
24 JAYNER Travis USA

Complete results for the Men’s 1000m:


Place Start Pos. Name ISU Member Results Qual.
1 1 PARK Seung-Hi KOR 5:04.070
2 3 CHO Ha-Ri KOR 5:04.188
3 5 LEE Eun-Byul KOR 5:04.262
4 2 REUTTER Katherine USA 5:04.401
5 7 ROBERGE Kalyna CAN 5:04.837
6 6 CHRISTIE Elise GBR 5:05.419
7 9 ST-GELAIS Marianne CAN 5:06.264
8 8 GREGG Jessica CAN 5:21.714
9 4 WANG Meng CHN 5:38.663

Soooo close for Katherine, she almost had it. Still, 4th in the grueling race is a good showing. Good Job Katherine!

Click the photo to view it larger

1 3 LEE Ho-Suk KOR
2 1 KWAK Yoon-Gy KOR
4 5 HAMELIN Charles CAN
5 4 LIANG Wenhao CHN
6 6 HAMELIN Francois CAN
7 2 TREMBLAY Francois-Louis CAN

(JR had almost lapped the pack for a good part of the race. Near the end, the Koreans came a zooming up from behind, and it looked like poor JR was just plain out of gas. Valiant effort JR, and Congrats on the Bronze)

But wait! The fun wasn’t over yet. Both the men’s and ladies team had relays to go yet.


1 KOREA KOR 1 4:08.356
2 CANADA CAN 2 4:09.310
3 UNITED STATES USA 3 4:14.231
4 CHINA CHN DNS – (one skater taken off the ice with injury, and conjecture as to what was up with Meng Wang, as she came in dead last for the super final)

5 ITALY ITA 3 4:15.229
6 JAPAN JPN 3 4:15.608
7 NETHERLANDS NED 4 4:19.416
8 BULGARIA BUL 4 4:24.162


1 KOREA KOR 1 6:44.821
2 UNITED STATES USA 2 6:46.205
3 GERMANY GER 3 6:48.288
4 CHINA CHN 4 6:53.860
5 ITALY ITA 3 6:46.494
6 GREAT BRITAIN GBR 3 7:02.326
7 BULGARIA BUL 4 7:23.972

Congrats to the guys on their silver for their Relay, the gals on the bronze for their relay. A couple bronzes for JR (Who finished 4th overall) and a bronze for Katherine.
A strong end to a very long season for Team USA.

…And Now, can you say ‘VACATION’?!!!!!

For more photos, go here:

Short Track News by TRF


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