US Championships Update…and Other Stuff…

December 21, 2010

More Kudos today for Morgan Izykowski and Kyle Uyehara as the coaches pick for the last spot on the National Team. Congratulations to both of you!

OK, here’s the info on the 3000m I couldn’t find yesterday. (Thank You Tony Chung…more on him later)


Katherine Reutter
Lana Gehring
Jessica Smith
Emily Scott
Allison Baver
Morgan Izykowski
Sarah Chen
Alyson Dudek (PEN)


Kendal Pumphrey
Tamara Frederick
Brittany Salmon
Rachel Skrocki
Cherise Wilkins
Erin Bartlett
Kimberly Derrick (PEN)
Katherine Ralston (PEN)


Jonathan Garcia
Anthony Lobello
Kyle Uyehara
Jeff Simon
Travis Jayner
Kyle Carr
Simon Cho
Ryan Bedford (PEN)


John Henry Krueger
Cole Krueger
Adam Callister
Levi Kirkpatrick
Michael Burdekin
James Rodowsky
Robert Lawrence
Chris Creveling (DNS)

(Chris C, if you DNS due to injury and I missed it, please accept my apology in not wishing you a speedy recovery with the other skaters! Heal fast and heal well! And to any skaters I may have missed on that account… you do the same!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

But on to other news….

Tony Chung has been great on keeping us unfortunate souls who can’t make it to the competitions updated with tweets and WOW! …can you imagine???…VIDEO! Actual live moving pictures!

But that costs money.
Lest Tony think we don’t appreciate, love and adore him, please go to his site and donate whatever you can to keep these little pieces of heaven available to us.

Thank you Tony!

And here’s the link (FYI- note that Internet ‘Exploder’…er, I mean Explorer, is testy with this page, so I recommend you choose a different browser when accessing it):

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ALSO: Anthony Lobello made another National Team, and his friends set up a donation page for him.

Here’s the link so you can help Anthony keep doing that thing he does:
…and Anthony, you might want to get this link set up permanently on your Facebook page…(or gasp!)…consider attaching a fanpage there too! It’s super easy – and free! (Hey, just sayin’…)

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AND…you can go to the Boots and Blades Forum for more info on this weekends races and information on all the skaters.
(…for which the link isn’t working for me at the moment…must be a proboards thing…)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

…AND…just one more thing.

Jordan Malone, wherever you are – We Miss You!!!

US Short Track Speedskating Championships 2010

December 20, 2010

Sunday’s Results

Congratulations to both Jeff Simon and Katherine Reutter on winning the National Title. You Rock!

Congrats to Sarah Chen and Jonathan Garcia for making the National Team for the first time. (my understanding is that the 5th spot is discretionary on the part of the coaches)

Congrats to the other skaters that made the National Team:
Simon Cho, Travis Jayner, Anthony Lobello, Lana Gehring, Jessica Smith and Emily Scott.

Quick recoveries to Aly Dudek and Landon Hatfield. (Landon, that was mighty scary. Glad you’re OK)



Katherine Reutter
Lana Gehring
Jessica Smith
Emily Scott
Sarah Chen

Alyson Dudek
Allison Baver
Morgan Izykowski
Kimberly Derrick
Cherise Wilkins
Katherine Ralston
Brittany Salmon
Tamara Frederick
Rachel Skrocki
Kendal Pumphrey
Erin Bartlett


Jeff Simon
Simon Cho
Travis Jayner
Anthony Lobello
Jonathan Garcia

Kyle Carr
Kyle Uyehara
Ryan Bedford
John Henry Krueger
Robert Lawrence
Levi Kirkpatrick
Chris Creveling
Cole Krueger
Adam Callister
James Rodowsky
Micheal Burdekin


1 220 Katherine Reutter 1:33.350
2 204 Lana Gehring 1:33.464
3 216 Jessica Smith 1:33.542
4 218 Emily Scott 1:33.746


1 300 Jeff Simon 1:26.688
2 297 Simon Cho 1:26.998
3 248 Jonathan Garcia 1:28.924
PEN 241 Travis Jayner

The men’s 3000m was a wild ride, and if I could find results anywhere for either the ladies or men, I’d post ’em. Kyle Carr, Simon Cho, Travis Jayner and Ryan Bedford all took a tumble, leaving the door open for Anthony Lobello and two other skaters (Jonathan Garcia and Kyle Uyehara perhaps?)

This apparently isn’t for points, but it would be nice to give the skaters who did this grueling long distance race their due.

Just sayin’…

For more results, go here to the USS site:

Anyway…Congrats to all the skaters wherever they placed. Watching you skate is always a thrill. Safe travels to all, and to all, a Happy Holiday Season with your family and friends.

U.S. Short Track Speedskating Championships 2010

December 19, 2010

For helmet numbers so you can figure out who you’re watching in each race, go to USS link here:

These are the standings as of Saturday night.


1 220 Katherine Reutter 2:24.601
2 204 Lana Gehring 2:25.607
3 218 Emily Scott 2:25.683
4 216 Jessica Smith 2:25.701
5 223 Alyson Dudek 2:25.859
6 257 Allison Baver 2:26.525


1 300 Jeff Simon 2:26.685
2 297 Simon Cho 2:26.793
3 241 Travis Jayner 2:27.391
4 291 Anthony Lobello 2:27.413
5 237 Kyle Carr 2:35.859
6 292 Kyle Uyehara 2:51.289

To see how all the skaters fared during each round, go here on US Speedskating’s site:


1 216 Jessica Smith 44.311
2 196 Sarah Chen 44.825
3 220 Katherine Reutter 54.749
DNF 223 Alyson Dudek

Congrats to Jessica Smith, Wow! to Sarah Chen, Oops for Katherine Reutter and Ouch for Alyson Dudek.

Aly suffered a horrible fall and it looked like she had a very ‘Close Encounter of the Sharp Kind’ with Katherine’s blade, which sent her a tumbling down too. Rumor has it Aly dislocated her shoulder….which is why she didn’t finish.
Hope all is well, Aly.


1 297 Simon Cho 41.731
2 300 Jeff Simon 41.809
3 237 Kyle Carr 41.879
4 242 Ryan Bedford 41.993

Congrats to all.

To see how all the skaters did in the 500m rounds, go here to US Speedskating’s site:

For more info, go to U.S. Speedskatings results page:


Racing starts again on Sunday at 10am Mountain Time

Scroll down to Friday’s post for all the links to Tony Chung’s live feed and follow along on the spreadsheet. (And he takes donations )

Justin Macala photo shoot with Allison Baver

September 10, 2010

Allison just posted several photos on her Facebook page, photographed by Justin Macala. (…and let’s just say, the guys of the world will not be disappointed…)

I chose to post what I thought was one of the nicest photos of Allison, in a general sense (the guys will no doubt disagree I’m sure, LOL) and I hope Allison and Justin don’t mind me snagging a photo off of Facebook to spread the word.

(Believe me, it’s the gals that get the most search engine requests.
Usually with tags like ‘Sexy Allison Baver’…or ‘Hot Katherine Reutter’).

There are some folks who will be VERY happy today!


Photo by Justin Macala

Lookin’ Good Allison.

To see the rest of the photo shoot, go here:

Allison also posted photos from her ‘Extreme Makeover Home Edition’ experience:!/album.php?aid=280635&id=92016757958&fbid=461992217958&ref=mf

ALSO: Don’t forget to visit Allison’s website:

Allison Baver named Grand Marshal

September 5, 2010

Reading Eagle/Jeremy Drey

Olympic Bronze Medalist Allison Baver, here addressing children at the Police Athletic League Walnut Center in 2007, has been named Penn State Homecoming Week 2010 Grand Marshal.

More on Allison Baver and the Extreme Makeover build

August 4, 2010

EMHE Game Helps Heart Association
Dwayne Parker | Reporter

HAMBURG, Pa. — The American Heart Association received some star-studded support Monday afternoon.

The organization is working with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to spread education and remember a life cut short.

From Hollywood to Hamburg, it wasn’t your average flag football game.

Christie Brinkley and Leigh Anne Tuohy, who inspired the story, “The Blindside,” were the coaches.

The football game was part of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The most recent winner, Trisha Urban of Tilden Township, lost her husband to a congenital heart defect.

Community members gave more than $2,600 to the American Heart Association, an important cause for Leigh Anne Tuohy, who lost her father to a heart attack.

“I thought it would be a wonderful idea to bring it all in and do something that Trisha was passionate about as well,” said Tuohy. “Since Andy (Trisha’s husband) passed away from a heart attack, it just seemed to be the right thing to do.

“And it’s so important that we let people know the risk factors and continue to educate them, do work within the community and the health care community as well,” said Laura Weis of the American Heart Association.

Refereeing the game was three-time Olympian Allison Baver and Olympic silver medalist Kristy Kowal, both of Berks County. And they said through every play, they were thinking about the Urban family.

“I know that when I broke my leg right before the Olympic games,” said Baver, “I didn’t have a team to get me through that time. I would have never been able to make that happen. So we are all here for her, supporting them.”

“So being able to come back and help out is one of the coolest things about being an Olympian,” said Kowal.

“I’m so happy that this story is going to have a new chapter, a happy ending,” said Brinkley.

To see videos and read more, go here:

and here:

Demolition Goes To Extreme

July 31, 2010


Matt Roth | Web Producer
Posted: 12:27 pm EDT July 30, 2010

Melissa Fullerton, 69 News

TILDEN TWP., Pa. — In just a matter of minutes, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crews and local demolition crews tore down a house that stood for nearly 300 years.

The home in Tilden Township, Berks County, near Hamburg, belongs to Trisha Urban, a widowed mother of an 18-month-old girl who was chosen by Extreme Makeover for a new home.

Her husband, Andy, who was born with a congenital heart defect, died of a massive heart attack on February 4, 2009, less than nine hours before the birth of their daughter, Cora.

Trisha told 69 News it was the couple’s dream to renovate the home and make it safe for the family to continue living in, but that never happened.

The crumbling home, which dates back to the early 18th century, had mold growing in the basement and electrical outlets hanging out of the walls.

Crews managed to salvage the main beam of the old house. They’re also working to preserve other pieces and use them in the new home.

“There are strictly some things we’re going to save from this 300-year-old home that we’re going to try to reincorporate into the new house,” said Paul DiMeo, a member of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team and a native of Media, Delaware County. “I’m going to be doing that, making sure we get some of those beams out there and then finding a place to use them in the new house. There’s some stone work around the other side of the house that we want to keep and maybe use the fireplace. So, we want to kind of take some of the old and use in the new.”

Uncut Interview: Designer Paul DiMeo About Project

Trisha and her daughter are now enjoying a week’s vacation at Walt Disney World in Florida while hundreds of local volunteers work around the clock to build her a new home.

Uncut Interview: Trisha Urban Before Sendoff

Allison Baver, a 2010 Olympic bronze medalist in short-track speed skating and a native of Berks County, is among those on hand to help.

The foundation of the new home has already been poured less than 50 feet away from where the old house stood.

Once it is done drying tomorrow, volunteers will begin framing the new home and installing windows.

Plumbing, electric, heating, and air conditioning are scheduled to be installed on Sunday.

That will be followed by exterior work on the house being done by masons on Monday.

The family will be brought back on Thursday for the big reveal, tentatively scheduled for 2:00 p.m.

Go here to see the following slideshows, more links, and to read more about it:
Slideshow: Extreme Makeover: Day 2 – Demolition
Slideshow: Extreme Makeover: Day 1 – Surprise & Sendoff

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
On a personal note, as one who works in the industry, I’m one of those who really respects and appreciates vintage architecture. I’m always saddened when one more ‘This Old House’ falls to the wrecking ball. Far too often, there is just no other choice. Black mold, crumbling foundations and ‘bad bones’ leaves one with few other viable and/or cost effective options.

I was happy to read though that the powers that be at Extreme Makeover chose to salvage parts of the house that they thought were redeemable for reuse.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, baby!

I once read a quote “only truly wealthy nations can afford to be wasteful”. Well, we ain’t so wealthy anymore. Not only can we not afford to be wasteful, some things really are worth saving and preserving. I’m glad designer Paul DiMeo respects that. Kudos to you, sir.

And Kudos to Allison for participating. I have the impression from her posts that she has a great love of her native Pennsylvania and I can think of few better ways of showing it. You Go Girl!

Bronze Winning Baver

June 6, 2010

A great interview with Allison on NBC Philadelphia. Click the link to see the video.

U.S. Olympic short track speed skater, Allison Baver, tells us about her incredible journey to claiming the bronze medal in 2010.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

…and judging by the photo, it looks like Allison and Evan Lysacek finally did meet.

US Short Track Ladies – Out and About…

May 27, 2010


Olympian @alydudek toss the pitch at the Brewers home game on 5/11/10


With St. Louis Cardinal, @katreutter readies for the first pitch of the game!


A happy Allison Baver at the Utley All-Star Animal event in Philadelphia.

Posted on twitpic by US Speedskating. To see more great photos posted by USS (including Shani Davis at the White House…lookin’ sharp Shani! ….too bad the photo isn’t… ),
go here:

To follow these young lovelies on Facebook, Twitter, etc look to the boxes at the right for their links.

Olympians Give Back

May 9, 2010

Jay Weiner May 07, 2010

(to see more photos of Olympians who give back, go to this link):

They get sweaty. They get injured. They earn accolades. They win medals. U.S. Olympic athletes receive all sorts of stuff as they train, when they compete and after they excel.

But, then, they give a lot too.

In the aftermath of the most successful Olympic Winter Games in Team USA history, many American athletes have been giving back to people, to causes and to organizations far from their international fields of play.

“The Olympics are about accomplishing your dream,” two-time short track speedskating Olympian Allison Baver said. “Once you reach that dream you realize how many people that you’ve influenced, and you feel a responsibility to pay it forward.”

Getty Images

Speedskater Allison Baver is building the building the Off The Ice Foundation.

Before and after winning a bronze medal in the 3,000-meter relay at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Baver has dived into her passion: helping children and families in need. In the months before the Winter Games, Baver organized a group of short trackers based in Salt Lake City to aid families during the Christmas season, and not just with a toy here or a turkey dinner there. She and other skaters acquired a washing machine, a dryer, clothes for teens, an iPod and ice time at the Olympic Oval, among other things, for kids and families affiliated with the Utah Youth Village.

That was just the beginning of it. Baver is in the process of building the Off The Ice Foundation, a personal mission to teach young people “life principles,” such as passion, confidence, will and determination. Her hope is to develop a global curriculum that will center around sports – roller skating, ice skating, and other activities – but that will teach kids other life skills. Her hometown of Reading, Pa., will be one of the targeted communities, as well as North Philadelphia, one of the nation’s poorest neighborhoods.

“It’s not to teach people how to be an Olympic speedskater,” Baver said of her “huge” vision for the foundation, “but how to be healthy.” Her goal: to raise several million dollars.

* * *

Baver’s energy and concerns fit into a culture of giving among a host of Winter Olympic athletes.

For example, snowboarder Hannah Teter vowed in Vancouver to give her $15,000 silver medal bonus to aid earthquake victims in Haiti. Entrepreneurial Teter also developed a women’s underwear product, “Sweet Cheeks,” and has said she will contribute money from sales of this apparel to Doctors Without Borders for their work worldwide.

Like Baver, Apolo Anton Ohno, the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian of all time, has formed his own foundation, and he is partnering with The Century Council in Los Angeles encouraging kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to refrain from underage drinking.

Getty Images

Speedskater Apolo Anton Ohnon as The Century Council in Los Angeles.

Many athletes, such as four-time Olympic hockey player Angela Ruggiero, freestyle skier Emily Cook and Vancouver two-time silver medalist Julia Mancuso have supported the work of Right to Play, the international sports human rights organization.

Some Olympians have signed on for the U.S. Olympic Committee Team for Tomorrow Humanitarian Relief Fund program that is partnering with Habitat for Humanity. Biathlete Haley Johnson is among them, and she and a host of Team USA teammates have signed on to support Team GreenLaces, an organization spreading awareness of global warming, an environmental issue that particularly affects winter athletes.

Read more here:
Read the rest of this entry »

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