Help Fund a Future Olympic Hopeful

OK, first things first. I’m feeling horribly guilty at the moment. With the Short Track Speedskating Community that has grown at The Boots and Blades Forum, the blog seemed fairly redundant, so I hadn’t been posting on it much. Like in several years.

So imagine my surprise when I noticed how many hits it had gotten in my absence. While I was happily watching the Winter Olympics last February, apparently the site was going nuts with folks looking for info.

For future reference, most of the action is on the Boots and Blades Forum.

But enough of my guilt ridden laments. I’ve got a skater who needs some help.


kyle uyehara

Kyle Uyehara was one of the up and coming short track speedskaters that we helped with donations when we first started The Rocker Fund. (It too has become more of an archive than anything else.)

Since that time, Kyle has competed on several World Cup Teams and is training to make the next Olympic Team.

The company he works for is running a contest, and he needs to set up several appointments by Tuesday.

“Hey everyone!! I’m in this HUGE contest right now and I can use all the help I can get! I get paid every appointment even if nobody buys anything! If you are in the Salt Lake City area I can come to your house and if you’re not I can do a virtual appointment over the phone and just walk you through the website. I need to set up 14 more appointments by this Tuesday, the 15th of July, in order for me to hit my goals this week and I could use some practice with my presentation. So if you or anyone you know would be willing to help me out, I would really appreciate it.”

(I personally am coveting one of the products he sells, and as soon as I have some extra pesos, I’ll be contacting Kyle to purchase it.) There is no obligation to buy, but do plan on setting aside some time for the presentation. A little time on your part means some money in the pocket of a starving athlete.

You can contact Kyle at:

To read Kyle’s original bio on The Rocker Fund (Old Info), go here:

To follow his skating progress, go to Kyle’s thread on the Boots and Blades Forum:

Kyle also has a Go Fund Me site:

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