No time to waste for U.S. speedskaters

September 28, 2010

By Amy Donaldson, Deseret News
Published: Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010 11:51 p.m. MDT

Best of Luck and great racing to all the skaters and all the fans attending. I SO wish I could be there this weekend.
Skate fast, turn left.
Also, thank you to Katherine Reutter for posting this article on twitter.

The U.S. short track speedskating team gives a whole new definition to the lazy days of summer.

With the 2010 Olympic Games in the history books, summer seems the perfect time for some down time. They did, after all, help the U.S. team win more medals in the Vancouver Games than any other country.

Instead, the athletes flew home from Canada — some celebrating accomplishments, others lamenting lost opportunities — and immediately geared up for World Championships.

“Our season wasn’t over,” said Travis Jayner, who was on the relay team that gave Apolo Anton Ohno his eighth Olympic medal — more than any other U.S. athlete in Olympic history. “We had maybe two or three weeks with traveling and speaking, and then it was back to the office as usual.”

The office for Jayner and teammates like Katherine Reutter, who won a bronze in a team relay and a silver in the 1,000-meter individual, is the speedskating oval in Kearns. The team had very little time to adjust from the spotlight of the Olympics and the pressure of fulfilling lifelong dreams to the expectation that they sustain their success at World Championships a few weeks later.

“It was an interesting experience,” Jayner said after practice in Kearns on Tuesday. “To go from this huge event, that for me I’d been working for my whole life. The majority of us on the team were kind of wide-eyed and we were so completely focused on the Olympics. Then to try and forget about it and compete was difficult.”

And while all of the athletes got some time to themselves after the World Cup season ended, most spent it giving back to the communities that had supported them in their efforts to earn Olympic glory.

“The beauty of having it is being able to share it,” Jayner said of his bronze medal. “We were so supported. I was asked to speak at schools, here and in Canada. I was even introduced at a Real Salt Lake game, and it all means so much to us.”

Reutter also spoke about her success, but her message to children was more about finding their passion.

“This is what I love,” she said. “I’m lucky to be able to pursue my passion. Whether it’s sports or music or school, I just encourage them to follow their dreams, find their passion.”

Despite their success in Vancouver, neither Jayner nor Reutter feels their Olympic dream is complete.

“I had only envisioned us winning,” Jayner said of the relay team anchored by Ohno. “It’s mission accomplished (because they won a medal), but it was not. It was not the medal we wanted to win.”

Still, he savors the experience — especially that of skating with the most decorated American in the Olympic games.

“Apolo is a great leader and a great teammate,” said Jayner. “It has been an honor and a pleasure working with him. One of the reasons the U.S. is so good is because we’re all chasing him down. He’s setting the gold standard for the sport.”

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Canadian Championships

September 21, 2010

Tony Chung was a very busy guy this weekend, and I’ll thank him on behalf of everyone for the short track fix, even though I couldn’t watch it personally. (Can I just say here, packing to move just absolutely sucks! …only to be outdone by the actual move itself.)

Anyway, Tony posted the results here: (I’d type ’em out for ya, but I gotta get a move on this morning…)



I’ll also add a ‘YAAAAA for Gilday!

Apolo Ohno interview with JavaOne

September 17, 2010

Those of you in the tech trades may already be planning on attending the JavaOne conference in San Francisco. If so, you might also be able to catch Apolo at OTN night.

In the meantime, here is an interview with Apolo and the JavaOne Blog.

Interview with Apolo Ohno

Apolo Ohno will drop in on OTN Night at JavaOne. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions in anticipation of his visit.

JavaOne Blog: Everyone remembers the image of you at the 2010 Olympics jumping over other skaters that were crashing. How did you keep your cool?

Apolo Ohno: For me – reacting to situations required years and years of preparation. The countless hours in pursuit of leaving no stones unturned – allowed my body/mind connection to be strong during each competition. Mental training, physical prep work all came together in 2010.

JavaOne Blog: High tech is a high-pressure business. How can people in high tech keep their cool in tense situations?

Apolo Ohno: I’m a firm believer in preparation and belief/confidence. These elements give us the ability to react differently than the norm in high tension. Having a calm mind but assertive in nature gives us the chance to fully understand the obstacles or challenges at hand. High tech people and the business has a lot to do with efficiency – how quickly and effectively can one overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities for us to grow…..clears minds=quality decisions.

JavaOne Blog: JavaOne is well-known for having intense sessions (lots of brain work) and lots of activities (great networking and parties), it’s sort of an endurance test. What can you recommend attendees do to keep their energy up for five long days of conference attendance?

Apolo Ohno: Eat frequently! Healthy choices, staying hydrated and of course sufficient sleep. You wouldn’t believe the studies we have seen both with athletics and the business world – regarding and how it can improve ones ability to better function.

JavaOne Blog: Do you have favorite places in San Francisco you are going to visit while you are here?

Apolo Ohno: Oh I love San Fran! I’ll let you guys take me out? I’m a huge foodie, and so I welcome the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of China Town! Being half Japanese, I love Asian food and culture…

JavaOne Blog: Do you consider yourself a wired kind of guy? If so, what technologies do you use?

Apolo Ohno: I’m wired!!!! iPad, iPhone, MacBook, etc technology has always played a role in my athletic career and outside….business ventures as well.

JavaOne Blog: Got to ask, what was the best part of being on Dancing with the Stars?

Apolo Ohno: The entire experience…..learned how to dance, and of course was surrounded beautiful women the entire show didn’t hurt either 🙂

JavaOne Blog: And the worst?

Apolo Ohno: The outfits.

JavaOne Blog: Do you skateboard? Is there any way we can get you on the half-pipe in front of Moscone Center?

Apolo Ohno: I don’t skateboard but I’m down for any challenge. If I can skate down a bobsled track and come out unscathed – I’m ready!

JavaOne Blog: We’re all excited about the future of Java. What’s in your future?

Apolo Ohno: Just finished writing a book – October 26th is the release date – “Zero Regrets,” I launched a nutritional supplement company, and am partnered on other ventures as well. Opportunity abound and I’m now focusing attention on the entertainment industry as well as film!

JavaOne Blog: Thank for your time. We look forward to seeing you at JavaOne.

Apolo Ohno: See you at OTN Night!

By the way Apolo, I have it on good authority San Franciscan’s hate it when you say ‘San Fran’ (or the more offensive ‘Frisco’), so you might want to avoid that. Don’t believe me? Check this out…
(WARNING: For those who have never ‘experienced’ Eddie Izzard, be warned that he’s a bit ‘fashion forward’ in addition to the strong language. I always find him to be highly amusing…but that’s me…)

Jessica Smith

September 16, 2010


Jessica has a new website, complete with photos, biography, Paypal donation button and blog.

Check it out!

No doubt Jessica will also be at American Cup 1 too. All the best Jessica, Good Luck to you!

Justin Macala photo shoot with Allison Baver

September 10, 2010

Allison just posted several photos on her Facebook page, photographed by Justin Macala. (…and let’s just say, the guys of the world will not be disappointed…)

I chose to post what I thought was one of the nicest photos of Allison, in a general sense (the guys will no doubt disagree I’m sure, LOL) and I hope Allison and Justin don’t mind me snagging a photo off of Facebook to spread the word.

(Believe me, it’s the gals that get the most search engine requests.
Usually with tags like ‘Sexy Allison Baver’…or ‘Hot Katherine Reutter’).

There are some folks who will be VERY happy today!


Photo by Justin Macala

Lookin’ Good Allison.

To see the rest of the photo shoot, go here:

Allison also posted photos from her ‘Extreme Makeover Home Edition’ experience:!/album.php?aid=280635&id=92016757958&fbid=461992217958&ref=mf

ALSO: Don’t forget to visit Allison’s website:

Postcards from the Road of Life

September 9, 2010

Their title, not mine. I can’t take credit for this headline. It’s the name from an interesting blog, which starts out as follows:

Here’s whom I hung out with at work today…

From: Postcards from the Road of Life

That’s right, Apolo Anton Ohno! Sometimes my job can be pretty fun – especially when cool speakers come in to talk with the students.

To read the rest, go here:

Oh My, J.R. Celski…

September 8, 2010

This is a fan blog about J.R. Celski.
Carmina Chung has some lovely photos of her meet and greet with J.R.

Photo by Carmina Chung

Here’s the blog site:

And here is the link to more of her photos of J.R. Celski:

ALSO: (Yes, I accepted the mission) Don’t forget to add J.R.’s ‘M.A.D. Northwest’ blog to your favorites list.

Follow on twitter and Facebook too!

(J.R…ya need some help with the graphics on the site. Hey, I’m just sayin’…)

Short Track News by TRF


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