Jordan Malone needs your help

March 30, 2010

Jordan has just been absolutely awesome to his fans. Go to the link below and join Jordan’s fan page on Facebook. There you will not only be kept up to date on what’s going on in Jordan’s life, but you’ll be treated to some incredible videos from his Olympic experience plus some live feed webcast Q & A sessions on (The heads up for these sessions usually alert you via his FB fanpage)

Here’s the link:

Here’s the word from Jordan:

ALRIGHT FRIENDS AND FANS!!! Here’s the favor. I’ve tried to be great to my fans =] Now I need your help. Help spread the world!!! I need more fans and followers. Tell everyone and help my get my numbers up =] THIS WOULD BE THE BIGGEST HELP FOR ME. Thanks everyone!! ~ Jordan Malone

Here’s the link to his Facebook Fanpage:


J.R. Celski News

March 29, 2010


It’s time to go through all those google alerts for JR Celski. Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week. Been kind of busy looking for a job…(freaking economy *put frustrated emotie here*)

Here is a video of JR during World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. Looks like a fan video.

Lots of photos posted on JR on his thread at Boots and Blades:

…and let the ‘J.R. fansite love’ begin…

And of course, it was only a matter of time before Cosmo Girl noticed JR:

Five Questions with JR Celski
February 26, 2010 at 2:30PM by Gennifer Delman | 8 comments

JR Celski

Can one ever get enough of cute athletes? CG! thinks not! Washington native and 19-year-old speed skater JR Celski will be competing on behalf of Team USA tonight along with Trevor Marsicano. Get to know JR below:

CosmoGirl: Do you have a favorite designer or clothing line?

JR Celski: I love clothes! I’ll wear anything from Urban Outfitters or American Apparel.

CG: What words do you live by?

JC: “The one who dares, wins.”

CG: What type of music do you listen to?

JC: I’m really into the indie-music scene and listen to a lot of De La Soul.

CG: What would you be if you weren’t an athlete?

JC: I’ve been playing the guitar for about five years now, so it would be cool to be a full-time musician. That — or an architect.

CG: What is something you’d want people to know about you?

JC: Just that I thank God for blessing me with such a loving family and awesome friends.

(JR competes TONIGHT at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Follow all of the American athletes over at Good luck JR!)

Boots & Blades Forum

March 22, 2010


Photo by Lezhai

Be sure to check out the BB forum. Lots of new pictures and info on the site. Olympic photos, Nationals and Am Cup Final – and Apolo’s commercial shoots by fans who were there! That and lots more!

World Championships

March 22, 2010


Yahoo Sports

Meng Wang of China, leads the race during the ladies 1000 metres final at the ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championship in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, Sunday, March, 21, 2010. (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Petar Petrov)


Place Start Pos. Name ISU Member Results Qual.
1 1 WANG Meng CHN 43.619
2 3 ROBERGE Kalyna CAN 43.679
3 2 ST-GELAIS Marianne CAN 43.747
4 4 GREGG Jessica CAN 44.066
5 PARK Seung-Hi

6 REUTTER Katherine
10 DUDEK Alyson
29 DERRICK Kimberly

Complete results for ladies 500m:

1 LIANG Wenhao CHN
2 HAMELIN Francois CAN
3 TREMBLAY Francois-Louis CAN
5 LEE Ho-Suk KOR
6 SILOVS Haralds LAT
13 MALONE Jordan USA
18 JAYNER Travis USA

Complete results for the Men’s 500m:

US Men advanced into the Relay Finals


Meng Wang, Katherine Reutter & The last start of Evgenia Radanova in the Winter Sports Hall

Click this photo to see larger.

1 1 WANG Meng CHN 1:31.603
2 2 CHO Ha-Ri KOR 1:31.695
3 3 REUTTER Katherine USA 1:31.747
4 4 CHRISTIE Elise GBR 1:32.993

24 DERRICK Kimberly USA
28 DUDEK Alyson USA

Complete Results for Ladies:


J.R. Celski - Click the photo to see it larger

Place Start Pos. Name ISU Member Results Qual.
1 2 LEE Ho-Suk KOR 1:34.198
2 1 KWAK Yoon-Gy KOR 1:34.231
3 4 CELSKI J.R. USA 1:34.290
4 3 LIANG Wenhao CHN 1:34.349

Canadians –
13 HAMELIN Francois CAN
14 TREMBLAY Francois-Louis CAN


Jordan Malone - Click the photo to view it larger

23 MALONE Jordan USA
24 JAYNER Travis USA

Complete results for the Men’s 1000m:


Place Start Pos. Name ISU Member Results Qual.
1 1 PARK Seung-Hi KOR 5:04.070
2 3 CHO Ha-Ri KOR 5:04.188
3 5 LEE Eun-Byul KOR 5:04.262
4 2 REUTTER Katherine USA 5:04.401
5 7 ROBERGE Kalyna CAN 5:04.837
6 6 CHRISTIE Elise GBR 5:05.419
7 9 ST-GELAIS Marianne CAN 5:06.264
8 8 GREGG Jessica CAN 5:21.714
9 4 WANG Meng CHN 5:38.663

Soooo close for Katherine, she almost had it. Still, 4th in the grueling race is a good showing. Good Job Katherine!

Click the photo to view it larger

1 3 LEE Ho-Suk KOR
2 1 KWAK Yoon-Gy KOR
4 5 HAMELIN Charles CAN
5 4 LIANG Wenhao CHN
6 6 HAMELIN Francois CAN
7 2 TREMBLAY Francois-Louis CAN

(JR had almost lapped the pack for a good part of the race. Near the end, the Koreans came a zooming up from behind, and it looked like poor JR was just plain out of gas. Valiant effort JR, and Congrats on the Bronze)

But wait! The fun wasn’t over yet. Both the men’s and ladies team had relays to go yet.


1 KOREA KOR 1 4:08.356
2 CANADA CAN 2 4:09.310
3 UNITED STATES USA 3 4:14.231
4 CHINA CHN DNS – (one skater taken off the ice with injury, and conjecture as to what was up with Meng Wang, as she came in dead last for the super final)

5 ITALY ITA 3 4:15.229
6 JAPAN JPN 3 4:15.608
7 NETHERLANDS NED 4 4:19.416
8 BULGARIA BUL 4 4:24.162


1 KOREA KOR 1 6:44.821
2 UNITED STATES USA 2 6:46.205
3 GERMANY GER 3 6:48.288
4 CHINA CHN 4 6:53.860
5 ITALY ITA 3 6:46.494
6 GREAT BRITAIN GBR 3 7:02.326
7 BULGARIA BUL 4 7:23.972

Congrats to the guys on their silver for their Relay, the gals on the bronze for their relay. A couple bronzes for JR (Who finished 4th overall) and a bronze for Katherine.
A strong end to a very long season for Team USA.

…And Now, can you say ‘VACATION’?!!!!!

For more photos, go here:

World Short Track Speedskating Championships – Day 1

March 20, 2010

Getting some results up before I get booted out of my hotel room and make my way back home.

Photo: BBC News

Athletes compete (USA’s Jordan Malone in third) during men’s 1500m heat during ISU’s World Short Track Speedskating Championship in Sofia, Bulgaria

Oddly enough, this is the only picture so far…and Jordan for some mysterious reason didn’t advance. =(
Guess the photographer showed up at the beginning, took one shot and left! LOL. Hey, I’m not complaining, I’m just sayin’… it’s better than nothing! =)

Katherine, Travis and J.R. all made it to the finals of the 1500m. US Ladies advance to the finals for the Relay (Alyson Dudek, Kimberly Derrick, Lana Gehring and Katherine Reutter- Allison Baver sat this one out). They go up against Korea, China and Canada.

Koreans swept the field in the individual 1500m races for both men and women 1-2-3

…and Meng Wang didn’t advance in the Semi Finals! (write this date down in your calendar! How often does THAT happen?) O_O

Ladies 1500m Final

1 5 PARK Seung-Hi KOR 2:21.570
2 2 LEE Eun-Byul KOR 2:21.665
3 3 CHO Ha-Ri KOR 2:21.821
4 4 REUTTER Katherine USA 2:22.225
5 1 ROBERGE Kalyna CAN 2:22.347
6 6 TER MORS Jorien NED 2:26.096

Men’s 1500m Final

Place Start Pos. Name ISU Member Results Qual.
1 5 KWAK Yoon-Gy KOR 2:24.316
2 3 SUNG Si-Bak KOR 2:24.373
3 4 LEE Ho-Suk KOR 2:24.459
4 2 CELSKI J.R. USA 2:24.570
5 1 FAUCONNET Thibaut FRA 2:24.739
6 6 JAYNER Travis USA 2:25.762

Congrats to Team USA skaters who made it into the finals against a tough, packed crowd of Koreans. I’m sure it has been a loooooonnng season for all of you. Just a few more days, and you get a MUCH deserved rest. Go get ’em tigers!

World Championships info

March 19, 2010

Hi all, I know I haven’t updated for a few days, I’m on the road…

but here is some info on this weekends World Championships.
Go to this link on the Boots and Blades Forum. There is a link to Tony Chungs website, shortrackHD for info on how to watch it live.

The gang’s gonna be hanging out on this thread (if we can all get ourselves up at 4 am on Friday PST…YIKES!) So make sure to join the party so Lori isn’t there chatting to herself! LOL

Live Q & A with the Men’s ST Team from Sophia, Bulgaria

March 16, 2010

I copied this from BB, as I wanted to get the info out ASAP since it’s short notice. I’ll get working links for you as soon as I can. (or you can copy and paste the below links into the browser address area)

Well, they’re at it again! Last week Jordan did a personal, live Q & A, via UStreamTV. It was hosted by Travis Jayner, who was reading the questions as the audience submitted them.

They stayed with us for 2-1/2 hours, and it was lots of fun!

This time they’re coming to us from Sofia, Bulgaria, where they’re in town for the World Championships. It’s only scheduled for an hour this time – but if you missed the first one, trust me, it’ll be an hour well-spent. The whole men’s team will be participating this time!

From Jordan’s Event Page on FB (the link’s too long – you’ll have to copy and paste it):…php?#!/event.php?eid=364373180735&ref=nf

Mens Team Webcast Details… Date: Tomorrow March 16th… Time: 9-10pm (Sofia) (3-4pm Eastern… 12-1pm Pacific) Attending: The entire mens team. Sorry about the time and short notice. This is the best we could do… We do kinda have something important going on here you know lol. see ya there =]


It will be broadcast on the following link:…sk-me

I think you have to register to be able to ask a question, but you may be able to follow along without registering…

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