American Cup III cancelled.

The event known as ‘Snowpocalypse’ has buried the East Coast in a blanket of heavy, wet snow that is wreaking havoc on the entire area. Power out to many, and the Arena the event was to be held in had a roof beam bend under the weight of all the heavy snow.
(I hate that kind. It’s like trying to drive through 18 inches of a 7-11 Slurpy. We call that kind of snow ‘Sierra Cement’. And cement that won’t harden is just about the consistency)

Better safe than sorry, so they evacuated the attendees back to the host hotel. Sadly for many, flights out of the area have been cancelled due to the weather, leaving everyone stranded.

I’m so sorry for everyone who is suffering through this. Be safe, keep warm, and I hope you all can get home soon.

(Just started to snow hard here too, but not as wet and sloppy. Let’s hope Mother Nature sends this white stuff north to Whistler where it is greatly needed. Ironic huh? What causes the East Coast to groan in agony would have everyone in Whistler jumping up and down doing the ‘Snoopy Happy Dance’)

UPDATE: The arena’s roof collapsed under the weight of the snow. I’m so glad the skaters were evacuated and no one was hurt. So fortunate! You can read more on the Boots and Blades Forum.


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